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Albamer Shpk was born in 1996, from the idea of creating a small company in the sector of marble  and granite inside a country that until then was really undeveloped in that sector.  After establishing his headquarter in Xhafzotaj, nearby the port of Durres, Albamer started to  support the local marble and granite producers by providing them the raw material, becoming the  pioneers of granite in Albania and contributing incisively to the birth of the stone market, which  was until then, inexistent.

min albamer magazzinoOver the years Albamer has managed to become a key point for all the Albanian traders, being able to provide innovative and exotic materials which have been used for numerous buildings throughout the country.
After 19 years of activity, Albamer decided to start a new way of working, leaving aside the idea of being just suppliers, and becoming producers, by being able to supply our clients with goods produced in our headquarter.

Thanks to our modern machines, we are able to cut, work and supply materials of high quality in short time, satisfying the demand of all of our clients.

Albamer's goal is to keep being a key point for all other traders and producers of marble and granite, working together with them and maintaining a respectful and serious attitude with anyone who wants to cooperate, transmitting a working culture based on reliability and commitment to always give the best to our customers.


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At the same time we want to expand the stone market in the Balkan area, by supplying foreign traders from the others Balkan states with our materials, creating an international relationship with other companies.